Fundamental Qi Gongs - Overview

Taiji Fundamentals Qigong is like a treasure chest.
It has many of the key Taiji principles packed into a few simple moves.
So it’s easy to learn, but highly effective.
QiGong1 - Overview
$45.00 (including 1 & 2)
Fundamental Qi Gongs 1

Exercise #1 focuses on opening and developing an eight dimensional perimeter. Loosen the shoulders and upper back; open from the inside and finishes on the outside.
Extremely good the back.
Relieve and heals back pain and shoulder stiffness.

QiGong2 - Overview
$45.00 (including 1 & 2)
Fundamental Qi Gongs 2

Exercise #2 focuses on holding and moving the ball. The moves are more and deeper when you imagine it moving with a ball embraced in the arms.
Learn when does body separates and when does it move in one unit.

QiGong3 - Overview
Fundamental Qi Gongs 3

Fundamental Qigong #3 focuses on keeping the lower body stable and relaxed while moving the upper body dynamically. The upper body rises, the lower body drops and connects with the ground. The upper body turns and spirals while the lower body remains sunk and rooted. The top and bottom do different things and yet they work together to create the ultimate balance stability and movement.

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