Master Alex Dong Tai Chi - Family FormS

Fast, Fa-jing and Kai-He (Hao) Forms

$25.00 ($40.00 incl. Fa-Jin FORM)
Dong Family Fast Form

This form was created by Master Alex Dong Great Grandfather Dong Ying Jie

$25.00 ($40.00 incl. Fast Form)
Dong Family Fa-Jing Form

Tai Chi Fajin should be explosive from the inside, must remain calm and steady on the outside. Energy are issued just the last inch and moving fluidly. Power comes from speed, timing and connection. The body unite at the moment of impact to create the maximum power. Powerful and yet internal.

Dong Family Kai-He (Hao) Form

Kai He means opening and closing. This style is better known as Wu Style, Hao Style or Hard Style.

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