Dong Style New Tai Chi Forms - Overview

The simplified and advance Dong Style Tai Chi forms created by Master Alex Dong are new shorter forms that will help you to speed up your internal development, develop strengh and flexibility.

Simplified - Overview

The simplified Slow Form is a much shorter form that takes only 8-12 minutes to do. It's created for those who can't or doesn't have the time to learn the long form. This form could be taught to new students in just 12 60-90 minutes classes or just 3-4 classes to experienced students.

Advance - Overview

Dong Style Advance Form focuses on the advanced techniques of the Slow Form. As in the Simplified Form, most moves has both sides and new techniques. The beautiful movements has a higher degree of difficulty so it’s more suitable for students with some experience. There are new techniques like Cai (Yank), Lie (break), Zhou (Elbow), Kao (Shoulder), Reverse Cloud Hands and opposite side Single Whip and Snake Creeps Down. Practice the Advance Form will speed up your internal development, develop strength and flexibility.

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